Apple Valley, Minnesota

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Sundays · 9:30 AM
Wednesdays · 6:00 PM

What We Believe

“Welcoming without exception, listening without judgment, and supporting without prejudice, all people.”

This is the heart of our vision and mission statement at Grace. Everything we do, from our preaching to our programs, supports the passion that God has made us to share and to care, being Christ for others.

We also believe that relationships—with God and with others—are extremely important in our daily lives. Beginning with God creating a world, continuing with God’s choosing the people of Israel, and epitomized in Jesus Christ who walked among us, relationships are what God intended and what we focus on at Grace.

Grace Lutheran Church Welcoming Statement
We are a Reconciling in Christ Congregation

(Reconciling in Christ statement adopted November 13, 2016, revised and re-adopted October 20, 2021)

We at Grace Lutheran Church are committed to being an affirming, loving and welcoming community of faith for all people. We believe the gospel is God’s gift to be shared unconditionally regardless of age, ethnicity, race, national origin, family configuration or relationship status, physical or mental ability, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Although our world can often be an unloving and alienating place, we rejoice in the diversity that has nurtured, enriched and challenged the life and ministry we share. We are committed to equity and inclusion, to the work of anti-racism, and advocating for marginalized groups and peoples. All are welcome to participate fully in the community of Grace Lutheran Church. Following the example of Christ, this congregation welcomes you exactly as you are.

Vision Statement

We, the members of Grace Lutheran Church, created by the love of God, redeemed by the mercy of Jesus Christ, and surrounded by the Holy Spirit, envision our lives as:

  • Worshiping God regularly and faithfully through praise, adoration, thanksgiving and sacrificial giving
  • Praying for the realization of God’s presence and the needs of God’s world
  • Learning and growing through the study of Holy Scripture, theology and tradition
  • Welcoming without exception, listening without judgment, and supporting without prejudice all people
  • Sharing the good news of grace from God through Jesus Christ
  • Serving the world with our time, talents and treasures, through loving deeds of justice, mercy and solidarity, especially those with special needs

In these ways we are Christ for others, expressing faith active in love. Join us on our pilgrimage, and share our journey!