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transitioning well

Our collaborative, inclusive, transparent process toward our next Senior Pastor.


With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, Grace’s vision for our pastoral transition is a collaborative, inclusive and transparent process in which our congregation feels confident and secure in our identity as a community of faith, where generosity and graciousness abound. The ministry of Grace will be enlivened, complemented, challenged and encouraged by the gifts of the new Senior Pastor, who will lead us and grow with us in faith, service and outreach to the community.

transition updates

A Recommendation

Having completed the second round of interviews with the candidates for the Senior Pastor position, the Call Committee met recently to select the person to recommend to the congregation. We contacted that person who asked for time to talk to her family and advisors...

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On to Round 2

The Call Committee has completed the first round of interviews for our new Senior Pastor. Surrounded in prayer, we met recently to select the candidates to invite back for a second round. Those interviews are scheduled for the first week in December. We will continue...

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Names & Interviews

The Call Committee met with Rev. Joe Lees from the Synod office on Tuesday, October 29. He provided names and profiles of candidates for our Senior Pastor position. We are now proceeding with scheduling the initial round of interviews. Once again, we are asking for...

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The Call Committee Continues It’s Work

The Call Committee met this week with our Synod representative, Pastor Joe Lees. Paster Lees provided us an update on where we are in the process of calling a new senior pastor and what the next steps look like. As part of our next steps, we refined our questions for...

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An Important Pastoral Transition Update

Dear Members and Friends of Grace, As you know, we are in the midst of the call process for a new senior pastor after Pastor John Matthews retired in August of this year. As you also know, the call process requires a high level of confidentiality on the part of the...

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An Opportunity to Join the Call Process

As members of the call committee, we want to invite all members of the congregation to participate, to some degree, in this process. If, as you visit other congregations or talk with your friends and relatives, you become aware of a pastor you think may fit the...

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Update: From Transition Team to Call Committee

Our Transition Team has done an incredible job leading the creation of our Ministry Site Profile. With the completion of our MSP, the next step in the transition to a new Senior Pastor is to convene the Call Committee. This group, chosen during the beginning of our...

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