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Parish Nurses

Thank you to the Fairview Foundation for their unexpected gift of $450 to the Parish Nurses right before Christmas, to be used for ministry at Grace! Several test tube teaching aids showing the amounts of fat, salt, sugar, and caffeine found in common foods and drinks were purchased to use at future health fairs, the next one being this month on Sunday, February 14, Valentine’s Day! A replica of five pounds of fat (about the size of a bread loaf!) was also purchased and will be available to see then, too. With leftover money, two new blood pressure cuffs are being added to our inventory, and also a Memorial Service Visitors Book for those families who realize on the day of the service for their loved one, that they had forgotten to purchase or bring one on their own. The money that is still left will be used to replace the numerous Care Notes that continually need to be restocked in the display holder in the Narthex. All of this would not have happened without the wonderful support and generosity of the Fairview Foundation!

Historically, the church has played a major role in the health and caring of people by establishing the first hospitals, hospice and long-term care facilities. Over time, the church stepped back from their role and healing became the task of medical professionals and clinical institutions.

We now recognize that technology and medical treatment by themselves are not the (only) answers in bringing about healing. People of faith are reaffirming their call by God to minister to one another. We have come to realize that good health requires caring not only for the body, but also for the mind and soul.

A Parish Nurse is…

A registered nurse who is committed to the caring and healing mission of the church, educated to promote the wellness of mind, body and spirit. Their program follows the Scope and Standards of the Parish Nurse Practice. The Parish Nurse works in partnership with the pastors.

The Health Ministry Team…

  • Is committed to the vision of Grace Lutheran Church.
  • Is made up of individuals committed to the wellness of the members of the church.
  • Assists the Parish Nurses with specific activities and programs.
  • Supports and encourages the Health Ministry Team members.

The Focus of this Ministry is…

  • Promoting health and wellness.
  • Caring for the “whole” person.
  • Making referrals as appropriate. (This is not a substitute for physical health care.)
  • Bringing wholeness and healing to the faith community.
  • Educating, supporting and counseling all members.

Some of the services a parish nurse could provide are…

  • Referrals to appropriate support services.
  • Support and prayer during times of crisis, grief and celebration.
  • Health education and promotion. Support to members on health-related issues in a confidential manner.
  • Home, hospital and nursing home visits, as needed.

The Parish Nurses and the Health Ministry Team have books with health-related topics for you to check out in the Parish Nurse office. Some of the topics include Alzheimer’s, cancer, grief and loss, senior living, stress, and many other topics. Large-print devotional books are also available. You are free to come and browse through and check out anything that could be useful for you.

Resources can be found regarding Healthcare Directives and/or Living Wills in the parish nurse office. You may want to visit the following websites for further information and forms.

  • www.health.state.mn.us/divs/fpc/profinfo/advdir.htm
  • http://www.mnaging.org/en/Advisor/HealthCareDirective.aspx

For information regarding funeral planning view Last Wishes and Funeral Pre-Arrangements.

Faith Partners

Grace is a member of Faith Partners, a national interdenominational organization that offers hope through a faith community.

We don’t know exactly why . . .

  • Some folks avoid alcohol and drugs completely.
  • Some folks experiment with alcohol and drugs.
  • Some folks develop serious problems with alcohol and drugs.
  • If you suspect you or a loved one has developed a serious problem, there is hope.

A few resources:

  1. Alcoholics Anonymous:  651-227-5502 or 952-922-0880
    . www.aastpaul.org
    . www.aaminneapolis.org
  2. Narcotics Anonymous:  952-939-3939
    . www.naminnesota.org
  3. Gamblers Anonymous:  952-922-3959
    . www.gamblersanonymous.org
  4. Al-Anon:  651-771-2008 or 952-920-3961
    . www.alanon.org

For more information or to speak with someone who cares, call the church office at, 952-432-7273, and ask for Lois Askvig, Parish Nurse.