7800 West County Road 42
Apple Valley, Minnesota

It’s a busy time of year and especially this year at Grace we have lots happening. Celebrating our 50th Anniversary was really exciting!

At the same time we were in the midst of a very important program of stewardship: Keep the Momentum Growing. We contracted The James Company (again) to structure our 2015 Annual Stewardship Appeal AND our three-year Mortgage Reduction Appeal. These two programs were yoked together for our Fall 2014 Stewardship emphasis. It’s hard to believe, but finished our first three-year appeal that laid the foundation for our new building; now we need to generously step-up to significantly reduce the mortgage, hence our next three-year appeal (2015-17).

You received a post card in the mail describing the events regarding our fall emphasis. On Sun., Sept. 21 and Wed., Sept. 24, we kicked-off our program, leading into Bible studies and prayer opportunities, and special events.

Every piece of promotion and every event planned led us toward the week of commitment, November 2-5, when we brought our pledges and promises for the ministry of Christ and the work of God’s Kingdom. While it is a busy time for us all, it is so important to keep this ”commitment” part of life together in the front of our minds and on the top of our priorities. “Let’s Keep the Momentum Growing” at Grace as we securely ground our ministry and solidly set our finances in order. You! are a vital part of the future of Grace and the life of this congregation. Let’s pray together for gracious and generous hearts!