7800 West County Road 42
Apple Valley, Minnesota

Registration for Grace Bible School 2017-18
(No phone registration will be taken.)

General Registration Information  (3s – 5th grade)

Grace Bible School is open to children 3 years of age through 5th grade. As children turn 3 throughout our program year, they are invited to register and join a class. However, because we follow the public school guideline of being 5 on or before September 1 to enter Kindergarten, 3 year olds who join GBS later in the year because of a birthday later than September 1, will repeat the 3-year-old grade level the following year in order to be in GBS Kindergarten when they enter the public school system.

Registration may be done online, on a form you pick up at the Welcome Center, or form you print below. Please indicate which service you prefer for your children when you register. (Please indicate 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.)

Grace Bible School Registration, 2017-18
Registration Cover Letter, 2017-18

We ask that you complete and submit forms to the church office by Sun., June 25, to give us the summer months to assign children to classes and recruit teachers. (We do accept registrations throughout the program year.)

The Parent Ministry portion of the registration form must be completed. Please prayerfully consider how you might volunteer your time next year!

Church Use of Photographs

On occasion, the church may use group photographs of children in the monthly newsletter, on the church website, social media or as part of a display in the atrium. Children are not identified by name. If you have concerns about photographs possibly being used in this way, please contact Paula Ewald or Lois Williams at 952-432-7273, ext. 107 or childrens.ed@graceofav.org.

Safe Child Policy

Our “safe church” procedures policy includes screening volunteers who work directly with children, requiring written applications of everyone.