Apple Valley, Minnesota

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Sundays · 9:30 AM
Wednesdays · 6:00 PM

Grace’s Sunday morning traditional services feature hymns from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal, and occasionally the All Creation Sings worship accompaniment. On Sunday mornings, congregational singing is typically led by organ and/or piano.

This congregational singing is part of Grace’s liturgical service. The word liturgy comes from the Greek, meaning “work of the people.” This translates into a traditional service with a formal structure and many prescribed elements. It also means lots of participation from the congregation; during the service, the congregation sings a number of hymns, repeats Creeds and the Lord’s Prayer, and responds to liturgical calls.

Grace Sanctuary OrganBOX-organ

Grace members worked together to raise the necessary funds to purchase an beautiful new organ for our sanctuary in 2019. This hybrid electic/pipe organ has both incredible versatility and wonderful sound.

As we move forward with the process, we also considered the needs of other parts of our music program, including the GraceAbounds band, the Grace Choir and Grace Bells. The new organ is scheduled to be installed November 2018.