7800 West County Road 42
Apple Valley, Minnesota

Grace’s Sunday morning traditional services feature hymns from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal. Congregational singing is led by organist Shari Albrecht.

This congregational singing is part of Grace’s liturgical service. The word liturgy comes from the Greek, meaning “work of the people.” This translates into a traditional service with a formal structure and many prescribed elements. It also means lots of participation from the congregation; during the service the congregation sings a number of hymns, repeats the Apostle’s Creed and Lord’s Prayer, and responds to liturgical chants.

Grace Sanctuary OrganBOX-organ

Our organ, which has been faithfully serving us since 1987, is showing signs of aging. There are intermittent glitches in the electronics which could render it unusable. Even though we have had it checked, so far the problem cannot be found, and even if it is, the technician has indicated that it is unlikely that it can be fixed. Since replacing an organ is a long-term process, we need to begin planning now. An organ committee has been formed to begin considering our options. This will take several years and will include visits to other churches and presentations from organ builders.

As we move forward with the process, we will also consider the needs of other parts of our music program, including the GraceAbounds band, the vocal choir and the bell choir. Please contact any of the members of the committee if you have questions or comments: Pastor John, Shari Albrecht, Bob Allen, Karen Anderson, Margaret Boehlke, Steve Boehlke, Linda Lichty, Scott Lichty, Eric Rasmus, Chuck Swanson, Sue Swanson, Josiah Telschow.