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Every Child. Every Meal.

More than 300,000 children in Minnesota live in food insecurity.

During the spring of 2010, the school administration at Sheridan Elementary in Northeast Minneapolis discovered students hoarding food from the cafeteria on Fridays. More than 90% of students at Sheridan receive free or reduced lunches, and many students were taking extra food home to eat during the weekend. Since then, Every Meal (formerly The Sheridan Story) has grown from serving one school with a weekend food program to implementing multiple food gap programs serving over 10,000 children across 400 locations… and counting. Beginning in October 2020, Every Meal celebrated its 10 year anniversary and six million meals provided to children living with food insecurity in Minnesota.

Our Partnership

Grace has been a partner with Every Meal (formerly The Sheridan Story) since 2015, helping deliver countless weekend meal kits into backpacks at schools in our neighborhood and financially supporting this deeply important mission. Recently, like all of us, Every Meal and the families they support are experiencing sharply rising food costs, and Grace is stepping up to help. From Rob Williams, President and Founder of Every Meal:

…we are experiencing a significant rise in our food costs, as I’m sure you have also encountered on your recent grocery trips. While some are able to weather these increases, others are not – which is why Every Meal exists. Our team is nimble and creative in managing an already challenging supply chain. Now, food prices have risen 29.3% since last year, making the 149,500 meals we distribute every month more costly. This totals roughly $42,120 in additional costs per month…

Our Grace Outreach Team coordinates our efforts to support our local students through delivery of weekend meal kits for families living with food insecurity. There are three key ways you can join your church and community in supporting this deeply important mission in our own backyard.

How We Help

There are three key ways you can join your church and community in supporting this deeply important mission in our own backyard. Reach out to the Outreach Team with fresh ideas or for more details on how you can get involved at

Learn More

Learn more about Every Meal using the link below. Read their full story, meet the team, see their latest news articles, learn about working and volunteering at Every Meal, read FAQs, or see their financials. You can find out all this and more about this organization and its impact on child hunger in Minnesota at

Give Funds

It takes $250 per student to provide a year’s worth of weekend meals. We believe in this mission, and together commit to financially supporting it. You can give online now at or using the button below, text “meal” to 952-800-7202, or give by check to Grace with “Every Meal” in the memo line.


There is a dedicated group that has been delivering meals weekly right down the street for years, and they could use a few more willing hands to join the rotation. Stop by the table in the narthex over the next three Sundays or email us at to get more details and sign up.

What is Every Meal?

The mission of Every Meal, a Minnesota-based nonprofit, is to fight child hunger through community and school partnerships. Through their partner network, they’re able to get food to children who live in food insecurity, which means they don’t always know when they’ll get their next meal. Every Meal strives to make a difference in children’s lives by focusing on food gaps — the times when children aren’t at school to access meal programs. Every Meal supports families with programming over the weekends, summers, and extended breaks.

Is food insecurity a reality in my community?

Yes. Food insecurity is often an invisible and hidden issue. Research shows that over 75 percent of US workers live paycheck to paycheck, and an estimated 1 in 9 Minnesotans including 1 in 6 children is food insecure as of 2020. Being food insecure causes families to be stressed and worried that they might run out of food before being able to buy more. Additionally, some families may eat less balanced meals and even skip meals because there isn’t enough money to buy food. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more children into food insecurity, totaling over 300,000 children in Minnesota.