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The Old Testament: A Biblical Journey

Would you like to walk with Abraham into the promised land?  Would you like to be in the crowd watching King David dance into Jerusalem? Would you like to be hauled into Babylon with the Jews during the exile? (Well, probably not, but you get the idea!)  This year at Grace, you can begin a journey through the Bible, beginning with the Old Testament.

The Bible is a foundational source for what we know about God and a key component of our faith life which is why Biblical passages are used in our worship services and why many people read the Bible every day.  However, most of us rarely take the time to consider the Bible in its entirety in order to try to understand its message.  An opportunity to do so arrives at Grace this fall with a year-long, in-depth study of the Old Testament, with a New Testament class coming the following year.

The Old Testament class will include the creation, the stories of the patriarchs like Abraham and Moses, the Kingdom of Israel under David and Solomon, the Babylonian exile, and the messages of the prophets. The class will be led by Pastor John and others from Grace.  Video lectures by Old Testament scholar Amy-Jill Levine of Vanderbilt University will be used as a resource.  The fall classes will be held on Thursday evenings, 6:30-8:00 PM, beginning September 13 and ending December 6; the course will resume in 2019 – detailed schedule to follow.

Sign-up via the sheet is in the narthex, or using the register button on this page. Please join us on this important and meaningful journey!


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