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Cider Press

Autumn 2019 Cider Press

Your Autumn 2019 Cider Press has arrived! This issue includes: Begin & End – a piece on living into transition by Pastor Andrea Greetings – an introduction from our new Visitation Pastor, the Rev Dr. Beverly Wallance, partnering with Pastor Andrea during this time of transition Blowing Smoke: E-Cigarettes, Juuling, and Youth – an article…

Cider Press Summer 2019

Here’s your Cider Press the for summer season! Click to download and print, or read it on your screen. This issue features Pastor John’s last Cider Press article, an interview with a formerly homeless mother, an intriguing interview with a pharmacist, and more as we explore being well today and into the future as individuals…

Cider Press Spring 2018

It’s here! The new Cider Press has finally arrived, and we’re excited to unveil it. This new Press is filled with stories, articles from leaders, and resources for you and your family to bring some of what you experience at Grace home. If you’re ready to get started reading, just click the button below. If…