Worship Online With Us

We can’t go to church,

but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop being church.

The church exists for moments like this. In order to guard health for all people, we won’t be gathering in our building for a while. The promise of God’s presence and the persistence of God’s call to share good news and serve the world remain steadfast, no matter the distance. We are building foundation for ourselves and our community on three things: trust God, care for each other, and look out for neighbors. Every creative connection we build, every new way we worship, every prayer we offer will be focused on these ways of being. Being church.

Below you will find everything you need to know about how we will be church together during this pandemic. Keep checking back on this page as we’ll regularly update it.

We are going to trust God

Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Grounded by that promise, we will continue to worship, learn, grow, and serve each other and the world around us. Here are some of the ways we’re doing that:


We will continue to gather for worship, in holy online spaces. These new ways of gathering will remind us of familiar things, yet are designed specifically for worshipping from home. We gather online each Sunday morning at 9:30 am. Plus, we’ll have a video and/or phone call-in coffee hour and worship chat Sunday mornings at 10:00 am for those without computer access, or those who would like to chat more about the message. We’ll also celebrate Holy Communion from home each Sunday, so gather bread and, if you have it, wine/grape juice in preparation. Use the buttons below to join us.

Check-Ins & Devotions

Our pastors, staff, and some wonderful volunteers are planning to check in on a regular basis in a variety of ways. We plan to go live on Facebook a few times a week with a greeting and sometimes a short devotion, story, or faith-focused idea.


We will continue to gather, monitor, and send prayer requests during this time. Below you’ll find a button to our prayer page where you can do two important things: submit a prayer request, and ask to join the prayer chain team, who get requests delivered by email and commit to prayer for them.

The Living Room

Pull up a comfy chair. Let go of all the things to do, or not do, for a bit. Sit down in the Living Room with family and friends. We’ll sing a few acoustic songs together, steep in the Scripture for the week, check in with each other about how we’re really doing, pray, and receive a blessing.

We’ll meet in our digital gathering space on Zoom. Use the button below (password: grace) to join. Save yourself a seat. Welcome to the Living Room.

We are going to connect and care for each other

We are deeply committed to keeping the family of Grace connected and cared for during this time. We do that in part through information, but more importantly through conversation in new and creative ways. Here is just the start:

Sunday Morning Coffee hour

Following our 9:30 am worship service on Sundays, we will gather via Zoom for a good church coffee hour! We’ll start each Sunday morning at 10:00 am. This way of gathering has both a video option and a phone call-in option. This is an easy-to-access way to check in with our church family. If someone you know doesn’t have computer access, this call in option is a great way to stay connected. Click the button below to join a scheduled conversation via video (password is grace), or call in at 312-626-6799, and use meeting ID #4164783219.

news & updates

We will provide updates from our leaders at Grace and beyond, ideas for worship and faith formation at home, upcoming online gatherings, and more. We will send that information out in up to four ways: We plan to email and create posts on our website with all these news items. We will occasionally send one-way text messages with information. We will also continue to create content and conversations on our Facebook page. To ensure we can contact you quickly and accurately, please ensure your phone and email information are accurate in our database.


We have created a new space on Facebook for the whole family of Grace to gather online. This group is designed less for information and more for conversation. Think of it like a cup of coffee around a table after worship, a chat in the parking lot, or a heart to heart with a pastor. You have access to ask questions, share ideas, post photos and videos, get recommendations, and more – and please do! We want every member with a Facebook account to join this group today!


Community is like oxygen these days. We’re creating opportunities to connect our community.  together, grouped by the experiences we’re sharing. We’ll gather via Zoom, using the link below. (password is grace). Here is the current schedule:

Early-riser Coffee & Prayer with Pastor Deb: Thursday, May 7 · 7:00 am

Parents Navigating School at Home with Anna & Jared Rendell: Thursday, May 7 · 8:30 pm

Grace Bible School Happy Hour with Karleigh Crepin (kids & families welcome!): Friday, May 8 & 15 · 4:00 pm

Missing Music with Steve Boehlke: Wednesday, May 13 · 7:30 pm

Grandparent Happy Hour with Judy & Dick Dehnel · Thursday, May 14 · 4:00 pm

Parents of Pre School-Aged Kids with Megan Johnson · Sunday, May 17 · 8:00 pm

Theology {Lunch} Table with Pastor Deb: Monday, May 18 · 12:00 pm

Children, Youth, & Family Ministry is Thriving

Our Children, Youth, and Family team is creating incredible ways for you to continue to form faith at home during this time. Grace Bible School, Confirmation, and gForce have all moved to online formats. Emails have been going to Grace families in those specific groups. If you haven’t received those emails, please email Karleigh for Children’s Ministry updates and Vanessa for Youth Ministry updates. We’d love to ensure we have your best contact information. Daily updates, reminders, faith forming home activities, engaging videos, and more can also be found in the CYF Facebook group.


Posts in the CYF Facebook Group
Joke of the Day from Hambone
Science with Professor Flutterblaster


Kid’s devotions




Confirmation Online
The Living Room 6:30 pm
HS gForce Online: 7:30-8:30pm


Kid’s Happy Hour 4:00 pm


Online Worship w/ Kid’s Sermon 9:30 am
Grace Bible School Online Lesson · 3 PM
HS gForce Netflix Party · 7 PM

We are going to look out for neighbors

The world needs hope in body and spirit right now. Every practice, policy, program, and prayer we embrace these weeks is focused on caring for our neighbors, as Jesus did.

MATRIX Resource center

The Matrix Housing Services Resource Center is open by appointment. To make an appointment call 612-720-3409. The Matrix Emergency Shelter has concluded for the season, yet Matrix continues to serve those experiencing homelessness during this crisis. The Link C.O.R.E. program serving teens and young adults is open each weekday from 2:00 pm-5:00 pm, using safety measures to meet with clients. Use the buttons below to email these organizations with questions.

Hands of Grace

We promised each other we would be church together during this time, and that’s exactly what we’re going to continue to do. We know our community has both needs and capacity to help, and many of us have both at the same time. We’re launching a way to match those needs and helps during this crisis, a ministry called Hands of Grace. Make masks, write letters, make grocery runs, and more to come.

Whether you have a need or would like to meet one, fill out the form below or call the office to get started. Our staff will be back in touch within 24 hours with quick, easy next steps. Questions? Email Karleigh (k.crepin@graceofav.org) or call the office.

Pastoral care

Our pastors and executive team have created a plan for pastoral care during times of pandemic that seeks to honor the hopes and needs of individuals and guard the health of all at the same time. They will not go into homes, but through phone conversations and other ways will continue to provide this type of care. Use the buttons below to read the plan. You may email our pastors or call the office if you are in need of pastoral care. See the Hands of Grace below for ways you can be part of our community care plan!

The latest news & updates

The world needs hope in body and spirit right now. Every practice, policy, program, and prayer we embrace these weeks is focused on caring for our neighbors, as Jesus did.

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