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Call Committee Nominations

People of Grace,

We are about to enter into an exciting and very important period of time together. The call process for our next lead pastor will begin in March. Our constitution states that it is your Church Council’s role to appoint a call committee.

As a first step in doing that, we are coming to you to ask if you know of someone you would like to nominate to be on the call committee.

Serving on a call committee is one of the most vital and rewarding roles you can play within our congregation. Most everyone who has ever served on a call committee comes away with a deep sense of connection to those with whom they served as well as a deep appreciation for the work of the Spirit through the team and through the church, both our congregation and the wider church.

In truth, this will take a strong commitment. These persons will need to make this work a top priority for the months over which this work needs to be done. We are looking for a total of seven people, as diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, interests, and length of time as members of the congregation as the congregation is at large. In other words, we seek to have a committee that will “look like the congregation in miniature.”

Before making your nomination, check with the person to see if they are interested in serving. Then, please share you nomination with us using online form right now at this link: If you prefer, you can also use the paper nomination forms on the table outside the sanctuary. You can fill these out and leave them in the basket there or in the church office.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, February 18th.

Again, not all those nominated will eventually serve. We are looking for the seven best fits for overall balance on the committee. Thank you for your help! Please be praying for the council as they pray and work to discern who the Spirit is leading to serve in this important role.

With gratitude,

Pastor Lamont Koerner

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