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The Spirit of Generosity

I have been with you for less than two months and because of the ongoing pandemic, my opportunities to meet you have been limited. Still, one thing has been completely clear to me: this community of faith will stop at nothing to love God and our neighbors as ourselves in everything we do.

The mission of Grace is to join the work of God’s Spirit in the world. As such we desire to be “a people and place where generosity and graciousness abound.” As much as any other time in our history, this is a time when we need to come together and give generously to assure this mission and vision continue to be fulfilled. 

That is why the theme for our 2022 annual appeal is The Spirit of Generosity. As I have heard from you through conversations, emails, and phone calls, I know you feel the call to love abundantly and generously. Right now, in a complicated and conflicted time, God works through us to share that love through our words and actions. 

We come to our beliefs on generosity, giving, stewardship, and money from many diverse experiences. These stories shape us and reveal God’s action in our lives. One of the many things I’m excited about here at Grace is hearing your stories of faith. You’ll learn that I love stories – both hearing them and telling them. I hope you’ll consider what your story of generosity might be and share it with me sometime. I promise to keep sharing pieces of my story as well. 

In the weeks ahead we will celebrate the story of God’s grace and generosity to us. We will also be hearing about how we are invited to participate in living out God’s gracious generosity for the sake of our neighbors and the world!  

You will receive a Generosity Planning Card on Sunday, November 14 or Wednesday, November 17. Our annual appeal will invite you to increase your giving and support the foundational work ahead. Please spend time in prayer as you consider this request. I am confident you will respond generously as you reflect on God’s generosity towards you. If you’d like a card to be mailed to you, reach out to the Grace office at or 952-432-7273, or consider using the online form at 

Sunday, November 28, will be our Intent Sunday. You will be invited to return your statement of intent during the worship service that Sunday or the following Wednesday, by dropping the card off at the church office, by mail, or through the online form. Our worship that day will celebrate generosity through your commitment to the ongoing ministry of Grace Lutheran Church. 

If we do not hear from you that week, we will reach out to make sure you have the opportunity to share your commitment to Grace’s work of love in the community. 

Thank you for your ongoing devotion to this faith community. I am deeply grateful to share this good work with you. Please continue to pray for our congregation, our community, and our call to be a people and a place where generosity and graciousness abound.

Pastor Lamont Koerner

Dates to Engage

Sunday, November 14th / Wednesday, November 17th

Our Guiding Question
Why are we to be Generous?

Genesis 1:27-31

Take a Generosity Pledge Card home, or plan to fill on out online at

What is the narrative that influences the majority of my financial decisions?
What is the evidence in my life that I am living God’s Story of generosity?

As we begin the Generosity journey, I pray for…

Live It Out
We’ll be sharing fun, actionable activities and projects for all ages to bring our generosity stories to life.

We encourage each other in our roles of practicing and equipping to answer the question of why we are to be generous. The hope is to define and come to understand what it means to live a generous and abundant life in Christ. As we embark on The Generosity Project Journey, we step toward creating a safe space where all ages and households are encouraged to hear, know and live God’s generosity – and be supported in wrestling with the implications for one’s life.

Sunday, November 21st & Wednesday, November 24th (Thanksgiving Eve)

Our Guiding Question
Who is to be Generous?

John 6:1-14

What are the times and places all generations gather in our faith community?
What is a positive memory I have of experiencing cross†generational gatherings?

As we begin the Generosity journey, I pray for…

Live It Out
We’ll be sharing actionable activities and projects for all ages to bring our generosity stories to life.

Sunday, November 28th

Return your Generosity Pledge Card in person during worship, by mail, or online.

Next Steps
Generosity Workshop · 10:30 AM · Koinonia Hall
with Grace member, Stewardship Committee member, and Thrivent Financial Representative.

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