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The Why of Grace Bible School

Worshipping Together

Worship is the heart of our faith and Christian life, and children are welcomed and encouraged to be in worship at Grace. For many years, Grace has been designing spaces to intentionally include children in worship and including them throughout the service is part of that intentionality.

Worship transforms us and nurtures our faith as followers of Jesus Christ. Bringing children into the sanctuary is a bit like being able to eat at the grown-ups table at holiday meals. Even though their manners may be far from elegant, they are included because they are part of the family, and over time, they will learn as they practice.

Kids wiggle, make noise, and maybe don’t understand everything that is going on, but they are welcomed. Parent and Faith Educator Marilyn Sharpe answers the question of when children are ready to be in worship:

Begin when they are young. What children will understand is that they are with the people they love the most and that worship matters to these beloved adults. Long before they understand the words, children will learn prayers, the creed, and hymns. They will learn the rhythms of worship. They will learn the smiling faces of their faith family. They will know that they belong.

Children Learn to Worship

  • They learn they are Children of God and belong to God.
  • They come to know, prayers, creeds, and hymns through repetition.
  • They build relationships with the generations in Grace’s faith community.
  • They build memories of shared experiences of Christian community that will stay with them as adults.
  • They are enriched by the beauty of music and art as creative expressions of praise and response to God.
  • As witnesses to baptism and participants in the Lord’s Supper they see and experience visible signs of God’s grace.

As we emerge from the isolation of pandemic, and begin to gather once again, let us celebrate the joys of worshipping together as the body of Christ.

“Let the little children come to me;
do not stop them; for it is
to such as these that the kingdom
of God belongs.

Mark 10:14b


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