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Prayers of Intercession, 07/18/21

Rooted in Christ and sustained by the Spirit, we offer our prayers for the church, the world and all of creation.

Thank you for our church, O God. We thank you for our bishops, pastors and deacons as they lead us in walking the path of the gospel. Sustain them, give them fortitude and strength to navigate in these difficult times in this difficult world. Grant them rest when they need it and give us understanding of their limits.

Hear us, O God, your mercy is great.

Thank you for your beautiful creation. You created good – and we have misused it. We pray that in your mercy you will preserve lakes, rivers and streams and revive lands recovering from natural disasters.

Hear us, O God, your mercy is great.

We thank you for the diversity of your world. We need your help to break down the dividing walls that we have created. Equip our leaders and help us to unite as one human family.

Hear us, O God, your mercy is great.

Hear your people. Look with compassion on immigrants, exiles and all who are afraid or feel lost. Remind us that our nation is a melting pot and we have benefited from that. Our nation is beautiful with it’s colors, differing views and varying orientations. Keep us civil in our discourse and open to hearing other’s views. Only in that regard will we learn and grow.

Hear us, O God, your mercy is great.

Nourish this Grace Church congregation. Help us to support each other and our leaders. Remind us to pause and examine our words before they are spoken. Help us to remember that “Iam not always right.” We pray for those in our congregation who are hurting and in need of your comforting touch, especially Rosalie, Stan, Bill’s family, Rick, Karen, medical personnel, those who are sick, lonely and suffering; Mensajero de Cristo Lutheran Church of Guatemala, and all service personnel and their families.

Hear us, O God, your mercy is great.

Into your hands, Gracious God, we commend all for whom we pray trusting in your mercy, through Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen.


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