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Emergency Response for our Cities

See the need. Meet the need. And have communion too!

How we’re helping our neighbors
Collection 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM  ·  Grace Parking Lot

As we enter into a tragic situation like we are, things can and tend to move and need to be fluid. Thank you for reaching out to one another and gearing up to love our neighbors. Here is the latest information for a collection Grace is going to participate in this Sunday. We’ll also have communion available during this time as you drive through the parking lot to drop off items!

Read the message below from Pastor Jen Collins:

Greetings family of Grace,

First, I am here for support and connections but, I am so grateful to be serving with compassionate, empowered folks like you all to live out our call as followers of Jesus.  Some background – I have a connection and history of being trained in de-escalation (Rev. Sekou) & work closely with Twin Cities Interfaith Movement Chaplains who, trained folks to be culturally aware, trauma-informed use of non-violence, and de-escalation care. I have heard from folks intimately connected with Daunte Wright’s Family and other community members/leaders to help guide our support in safe and meaningful ways.

We will have ONE collection for TWO operations; emergency responses to support Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis Communities:

Twin Cities Interfaith Chaplains
Learn More:
Financial Donations (if people ask):
Funds go to purchase items in low and immediate supply AND to help train and provide Chaplain Gear for in-person gathering
Items Needed:
Water, snacks/ granola bars, coffee Gift Cards, Rubbermaid style tubs (with lids), extra strength Garbage Bags, Non-perishable foods, work gloves

Cross of Glory Lutheran & CAPI USA
Items Needed:

Toilet paper – high NEED
Laundry detergent – NEED
Diapers (child all sizes) – High NEED
Wipes – high NEED
Baby formula – high NEED
Feminine hygiene products
Bottled water – high NEED
Bath soap
Canned goods/ non-perishables

We will keep needs updated as best we can to inform those hoping to help. Please call or message Pastor Jen, Outreach Commission or Racial Justice team with questions.


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