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Join the Lunchtime Bible Study Series on Stewardship

If you’re wondering whether to drive to Grace’s parking lot on Sunday between 10:30 and noon* on November 1, here’s something to consider: It’s about more than your financial commitment.

  • It’s a statement of trust in God and in God’s future for Grace Lutheran. When you give your commitment card, you are saying to God, “I trust You. I believe in what You are doing through our congregation, and I want to be part of it.”
  • It’s a way to say, “I’m all in.” When we can’t gather as we’d like on a regular basis, showing up this Sunday is a way we can say to one another, “We remain united.”
  • It will be festive and prayerful. There are many things to be worried about right now. Give yourself a bit of fun by hearing a knock-knock joke, and maybe sharing a joke in return. Take this opportunity to receive Holy Communion and receive a blessing — all without leaving your car.

Top Questions

Q: What if I’ve already sent in my commitment? Can I come on Sunday morning?

A: Yes!

Q: I can’t find my commitment card. Will you have extras available?

A: Yes!

Q: Can you tell more about what a community organizer does?

A: Having a community organizer will help leaders within Grace connect more deeply with our immediate neighborhood and share God’s love. A community organizer builds and strengthens relationships with people and organizations working on issues we care about. This role can help provide practical tools, work toward increasing cultural competency and guide us toward dismantling racist systems. Some of the work could consist of developing local and community projects, and partnering to increase our impact.

Q: I didn’t attend the Q and A session last Sunday. What did I miss?

A: Overall, people shared a sense of confidence in God’s future for Grace, and resonated with our focus for 2021. People want to see us have the ability to move forward with a call process for a full-time associate pastor, and think that it makes sense for us to hire a community organizer. There were questions about what a community organizer does. There was good energy around engaging in racial justice work. Someone noted, “We don’t even have to be back at church to start these things. In fact, we’re already getting a good start now.”

*Remember that Daylight Savings Time ends while you sleep Saturday night!


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