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Neighborhood Church Returns

Neighbor is a verb.

We’ve (re)opened a door our families, friends, and especially neighbors. We’re running another round and today we’re launching signups for Neighborhood Church, a way for us to gather in small groups to connect, converse, and neighbor. Sign up below! Here are some questions you may be asking (these FAQ’s have been updated):

What is Neighborhood Church?
Gatherings of 15 people or less in peoples’ driveways or backyards, or on Zoom.

What will happen at Neighborhood Church?
It will be 30-45 minutes of time for connection, support, and prayer for one another and for the neighborhood.

How often will we meet? How many times?
Each Neighborhood church group will meet 6 times, beginning on the date on the signup form (see below). Some groups will meet weekly, some will meet every other week.

What’s the plan for safety?
People will wear masks, bring their own lawn chairs, and practice social distancing. This includes any families bringing kids. Families are encouraged to bring their own activities for kids who may be present but doing other activities during the meeting time as well.

Why outside?
The chances for transmission of the virus is much lower outdoors. Limiting time together to 30 minutes also reduces risk.

What if this isn’t safe for me to gather in person?
There will be an option for online, Zoom-based Neighborhood Church. See the signup below to get started! We will keep the Zoom-based groups to 10. However, we can open more of this kind of group if the need arises. If you’d like an online group and its full, reach out to the team below.

Can I host Neighborhood Church?
Yes! Contact the Neighborhood Church team at neighborhood@graceofav.org.

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