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Sanctuary Prayer

“Where can I go from your spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?”

– Psalm 139

Family of Grace, 

We trust that there is no place where God isn’t. However, there’s something special about a sanctuary. Starting this week, you can sign up to spend 30 minutes for prayer and meditation in the Grace sanctuary, alone, or with family members. Below, you’ll find the process for signing up and step by step considerations for prayer in the sanctuary.
How it Works

  1. Sign up (required) at Sign up as a household, as the limit for each time slot is a single registration.
  2. When you arrive at Grace, call the office at 952-432-7273. Someone will open the door for you.
  3. Each person should put on a mask before approaching the front door and keep it on throughout your time in the building.
  4. Need ideas for prayer? A page full of ideas will be available. You can also view prayer ideas and submit prayer requests at or by emailing
  5. Go directly to the sanctuary. Other areas of the building remain closed.
  6. Please stay for no more than 30 minutes.
  7. Use hand sanitizer, available at a table outside the sanctuary, before you enter.
  8. Use disinfectant wipes, also available at a table outside the sanctuary, on all surfaces that you’ve touched.
  9. The restroom is available for emergencies only.
  10. Enjoy 30 minutes with God, who promises to meet you there.

If you have questions or need to change your signup time, please email the office at or call at 952-432-7273. May your time be blessed!

Pastor Deb

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