Worship Online With Us

How to Worship with Grace When We Can’t Meet at Grace

As we’ve shared in the past few days, our community of faith is going to take care of each other and our neighbors during this time. In the current health climate, this includes not gathering in person at Grace for the next few weeks. We’re going to continue to be church, even though we can’t go to church.

Worship has not been canceled, we’re just moving the location to your kitchen tables and living rooms by providing ways for us to gather for worship online. Whether it’s just you or your whole family, whether Grace has been your church home for decades or it’s your very first time with us, you are most welcome to join us in these digital spaces in which we gather.

How to Connect

We will be sharing a condensed, meaningful service designed specifically for you to be able to worship at home. We will post the service via video on the three platforms below. Beginning at 8:45 am, you’ll be able to join from your computer, tablet, phone, or other devices.

We will also host a follow-up conversation about the day’s message at 11:30 am for those who don’t have access to join online, or would simply like to hear more.


First things first, if you have a Facebook account, be sure to like our page. This way you’ll see when we post videos, go live, and share other news and updates. Facebook is one of the most engaging ways to join us for worship tomorrow, as you’ll be able to share comments and join in the conversation as we worship together.

Our Website

We will post the service on our website at graceofav.org/live. The service will be available all day long tomorrow. Feel free to watch, rewatch, share, and comment!


We’ll also share our service directly on YouTube, and you can simply click over to our channel to join in there

Phone Call & Video Chat

At 11:30 am, we’ll host a phone call and video chat option to talk about our message and pray with our pastor. Join via video (using a platform called Zoom) by clicking the button below, and/or call in by dialing 312-626-6799.

If you know a Grace member or friend that does not have online access, this is a great option for them. Would you help make sure they know it’s available?

We’re looking forward to meeting you in these creative spaces while guarding health and wellness for our community and our families. May you embrace and seek creative ways to worship, even if they stretch your faith. May you notice the presence of God in and around us. May you hold fast to the promises of Christ as we continue to journey toward the cross and a bright Easter morning.

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