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Let it snow, then make it go

Grace Lutheran Church is looking for volunteers to help with winter snow shoveling. We are hoping to assemble a list of people that can help keep our winter sidewalks safe.  While the church has a contractor that plows the lot, we are responsible for the sidewalk shoveling.  In the past, this task has fallen on just a few people, mostly part of the property commission, but it isn’t realistic for that to continue.  This task is very important because a snowy or slippery sidewalk is a very real trip and/or fall hazard.  We are hoping to have a list of names that would be willing to help with this task.  Dave Lown, the building manager, could refer to this when help is needed.  We don’t expect anybody to do it every time and even if you may be able to help every so often, we would welcome your name. 

There are actually two different situations where help may be needed.  The first is potentially before the services every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening where we like to do a quick clean up and possibly put salt down so the sidewalks are as clean as can be before congregants arrive.  This situation may be handled by assembling a rotating list of people that could work on a schedule.

The other situation is to respond to snowfalls that may happen any time during the week. This situation would be handled by Dave Lown calling people off the list of names that we put together when he anticipates help for sporadic snowfalls.

Please consider helping with this needed winter chore to help maintain safe access to our busy church. Grace Lutheran Church would offer quick training on where supplies are kept, what specifically we try to do and the safe operation of the snowblowers for those interested in using them.

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