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An Important Pastoral Transition Update

Dear Members and Friends of Grace,

As you know, we are in the midst of the call process for a new senior pastor after Pastor John Matthews retired in August of this year. As you also know, the call process requires a high level of confidentiality on the part of the call committee, which therefore requires a high level of trust in the committee on the part of the congregation. We have been upfront with you about the fact that we can release no information about candidates until we have a final candidate for this position.

That said, there is reason for us to comment on a particular candidate at this time. In late August, the call committee decided unanimously to invite Pastor Andrea Roske-Metcalfe to submit her paperwork for consideration. In the Saint Paul Area Synod, any time an internal candidate is considered in a call process, they are the only candidate in the first round of consideration. We understood, in extending this invitation, that she would respond from her own sense of discernment.

We have since learned that Pastor Andrea will not be moving forward in this process. Her letter to the call committee is attached below. While it wasn’t the response that many of us were expecting or hoping for, we are grateful for the time and care she took in coming to this decision, and we will respect it moving forward. Do know that she plans to share more about this during worship on Sunday, September 15 and Wednesday, September 18.

At this time, we will move on to considering outside candidates. As a committee, this is a hopeful step for us, as we have confidence that God has a person in mind to be our pastor. As always, we ask for your prayers to surround us in this process, and to surround those candidates we will have the privilege to interview in the coming weeks.

Please also keep Pastor Andrea in your prayers, as she looks toward whatever God has in store for her. Know that she will remain at Grace as our interim pastor through the end of 2019 or until our new senior pastor arrives, whichever comes first, and that she is committed to walking with us through this transition.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact us via the button below, or leave a message at the church office, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Sally Schumack & Chuck Swanson, Call Committee Co-chairs

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