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When Mother’s Day is Hard

For some of us, Mother’s Day is really hard.

Maybe it’s because despite your longing and praying, you aren’t able to have kids. Or maybe you did, and you lost them much too soon, maybe before they were born. Maybe they grew up, but you have had the heart-wrenching experience of burying them.

These stories, all too often, go unspoken.

Over the past few years, we’ve gathered for a service by that title — Unspoken — to give voice to these stories. This year, we’re gathering right here in this online space to do the same. We’ve learned that when we boldly share our stories of loss and grief, it gives others permission to do the same, and we can move toward healing together.

If you have a story like this and are willing, use the comments below to share your story – the whole thing, or just a few words, or maybe just a name. If you’re reading along and have the opportunity to encourage another by commenting positively on their story, you are welcome to do so.

Finally, if you haven’t already, listen to the blessing in the video, written by those who know this particular kind of pain. Claim it as a blessing for you, because that’s exactly who it is for.

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