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From the Grace Council President: Important Transition Update

Greetings family of Grace,

I’m writing today with an important update in our pastoral transition process. We’ve been in a number of helpful and clarifying conversations over the past few weeks with Synod leadership, our transition consultant, our Grace Transition Team, and our pastors regarding what’s ahead for us. Here’s the latest.

First, we’re absolutely delighted to share that Grace’s Church Council voted this past Tuesday to approve and move forward our Ministry Site Profile, completed by the Transition Team in partnership with other leaders, and following some additional commentary this document will be sent on to the Saint Paul Area Synod. We’ll be publishing a summary of this document soon, and will have full copies available for those who wish to view it. This is a key step in our process, and we’re moving forward with excitement and wisdom.

Secondly, this past week our Council met with Rev. Joe Lees, Assistant to the Bishop and our liaison with the Synod during this transition and call process. The Grace constitution provides that in the event of a pastoral vacancy, the Bishop will appoint an interim pastor, with the consent of the Council. After careful deliberation about what would be in the best interest of the congregation, on Tuesday the Council voted unanimously to recommend that the Bishop appoint Pastor Andrea as Grace’s interim pastor. The Bishop has agreed to do so, and Pastor Andrea has expressed her willingness to serve in this new Synod call, beginning August 5.

In addition, at our Council’s request as required by Grace’s Constitution, the Bishop will recommend that Pastor Andrea’s call not include any provision that would prevent her from being considered by the Call Committee for a full-time call at Grace.

On behalf of the Grace Council, thank you for your trust, support, and feedback as we move ahead in graciousness and generosity together. We’ll continue to update you along the way.

In Grace,

Kyle Hoversten
Grace Congregational President

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