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Sabbatical 101: The Why and What of Pastoral Sabbaticals

At the April congregation council meeting, approval was given for a two-month sabbatical leave for Pastor John. This sabbatical will occur from June 18-August 18, 2018, in keeping with his Letter of Call. All clergy are encouraged to take sabbaticals for periods of 2-3 months every six years; Pastor John’s last sabbatical was in 2010. (Sabbaticals also must be taken while the pastor has at least one year of service remaining in their present call.)

Primarily, sabbaticals are meant for refreshment and reflection, in the knowledge that pastoral ministry is often taxing (time, emotion and energy) beyond normal employment. Frequently, pastors use sabbatical time for research, writing and/or program planning. In Pastor John’s case, he is working on an interfaith project with the Islamic Resource Group of Minnesota related to community education in churches and schools. Ask him about it!

Grace is fortunate to have two pastors, ensuring pastoral coverage during such sabbaticals. Next summer (2019) Pastor Andrea will be taking her first sabbatical, during which time Pastor John will cover. Questions? Talk with either Pastor John or Pastor Andrea.

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