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Cider Press Spring 2018

It’s here!

The new Cider Press has finally arrived, and we’re excited to unveil it. This new Press is filled with stories, articles from leaders, and resources for you and your family to bring some of what you experience at Grace home. If you’re ready to get started reading, just click the button below. If you’re curious about what’s behind this new way of constructing the Cider Press, read on.

Download the Spring 2018 Cider Press

We spent some time thinking about and asking folks how they best received and acted on communications from Grace, and we learned a few things. One, people are busy. Many folks need the info that’s important to them quickly and at-a-glance. Two, people love stories. We love to hear about each other’s lives. Three, it takes a lot of time to pull all this together, and stewarding staff time well includes being efficient and effective whenever we can.

So here’s what we’ve done. We’ve taken the announcements, events, and program updates and placed those into an email that now goes out weekly. This more regular delivery allows to keep up with changes and keeps the emails shorter. We’ve also continued to place announcements and calendar information in the weekly announcement sheet available in worship or in the office anytime. Then, we gathered the stories and articles we’ve come to love into a quarterly newsletter coming out each season. Each issue will have articles from the pastors and parish nurses, a spotlight of a dedicated volunteer, family faith formation resources, and other stories from the community of Grace.

Happy reading!

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