7800 West County Road 42
Apple Valley, Minnesota

Stories from Sunday (important read!)

Greetings family of Grace,

When our youth gather, they will often start their conversation with “highs” and “lows” from their lives. This message is like that – we wanted to share two important things with you.

First, we had an incredible Children’s Christmas program yesterday afternoon at Grace! Our children and youth sang their hearts out, donned vintage 1st-century outfits, and showed us what the joy of this season looks like. We’re grateful to the dozens of volunteers, and our children’s education staff, for making this experience wonderful for all! If you missed it, we streamed it live, and you can watch it below.

Second, we also wanted to share with you an incident that happened yesterday. Very sadly, at about the time our Children’s Christmas program was beginning on Sunday afternoon at Grace, just after 3:00 pm, one of the grandparents coming to see the program was accosted in our parking lot and had her purse stolen, after which a car containing several individuals fled. The Apple Valley Police Department responded immediately, and an investigation is underway.

No serious physical injuries resulted, but as you might imagine, such an assault is extremely upsetting. Please pray for her and her family, for peace and adjustment.

Thank you for being part of this community.

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