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From Pastor John Matthews

Transition is a good word to describe what is currently happening at Grace. As we turn the calendar from 2017 to 2018, we would expect new things to be on the horizon. Yet, this year we have a number of good things beginning, as sure as we say goodbye to some familiar faces and powerful presences.

On December 10, we said farewell to our Director of Youth Ministries, Julie Vagle. Julie served Grace since 2009 as our Director of Youth Ministries, contributing significantly to our annual Grand Sale and Vacation Bible School, in addition to regular middle school and senior high school activities. We are in the process of calling a new person for that position, but we will certainly miss Julie.

At the end of December, we also said farewell to Pat Johnson, a support staff person for thirty-two years. Pat began part-time in 1985 and served in a number of positions over all those years. Her position will be distributed to several others, including Jared Rendell, who began in September as our Director of Communications and Systems. In that role Jared will advance our presence in the community as well as further our social media work within the congregation. Of course, Jared continues in his role of leading our Wednesday night GraceAbounds musical team.

This past Fall included our congregational appeal, Keep the Momentum Growing, by which we secured a strong footing for three years of solid mortgage payments and mustered the resources for purchasing a (badly needed) new digital organ for worship. I am so grateful for all those who supported so generously this important appeal.

In November our congregation hosted the Dakota County Homeless Shelter for two weeks, and in January and March we will offer our building and resources again. This is truly being “Christ for Others.” And this list has only begun to describe all that we do within the congregation and in the broader community. I am excited for all this wonderful “transition” ministry to which we have been called. Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel! See you in church…

John W. Matthews

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  1. Thank you! Our church is second to none in our pastors, staff, members, mission, accomplishments, and vision for the future. We are proud to be members of Grace Lutheran Church of Apple Valley! Janet and Lee Nelson

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