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Parish Nurse Article, July 2017

In Body and Spirit…
A message from the Parish Nurses

There may very well be important people in our lives, that we want and should be building stronger ties and relationships with. It helps our friends, family members, and co-workers, feel good about themselves. For many individuals, the way to bring joy into others’ lives starts with finding the joy in their own.

How do we live with joy?

  • Love and accept yourself as God loves you. Though you are not perfect, you have a basic goodness and worth just as you are. Don’t diminish your joy by diminishing yourself!
  • Affirm yourself and all that you have accomplished. Even as you strive to do the best you can, rest easy with the assurance that this is where you belong at this moment.
  • Discover the joy of being fully present with your body, mind, and spirit. Be as active as you can. Use your senses to appreciate the amazing world that surrounds you.
  • Be awake and aware. Pay attention. Use your mind to learn to investigate possibilities, to think through complexities, to explore the universe.
  • Fully and deeply feel. Embrace all of your emotions: both the positive feelings that expand your heart, like love, gratitude, and delight, and your negative feelings too. They’re part of being human.
  • Find the richness in each moment by living mindfully. When you are mindful a feast for the senses and spirit awaits you each day!
  • Worry won’t change the future but your actions today may. Do what you can to make a difference, then trust. Trust that the future will bring new possibilities, awareness, and wisdom.
  • Embrace all that life has to offer. Be open to its mystery and wonder. And be ready for surprises that will awe and delight you!
  • Accept that life is not perfect! Face what is real as painful as that may be. That’s the only way you’ll get through the tough times.
  • Strive to maintain positive thoughts. You bring into your life what you focus your attention on and you become what you think. Your thoughts matter!

If you would like to contact a Parish Nurse, please call the church office, or email parish.nurse@graceofav.org. Have a safe and joy filled summer!

Peace and good health to you all!

Lois Askvig and Amy Fleser
Grace Lutheran Parish Nurses

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