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Endowment Fund

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Gifts to the Grace Endowment Fund

The unique feature of the Grace Endowment Fund is that the principal given to the fund remains intact forever and only the interest is spent each year.

Why would I contribute to the Grace Endowment Fund?

  • It is a magnificent, thoughtful and caring way to remember loved ones, mark an occasion or event, honor those around you, or simply give glory to God.
  • To give a gift that will keep on giving every year to the special ministries of Grace Lutheran Church and the extended work of Jesus Christ.
  • Gifts of any amount will be accepted and permanently tracked by Grace Lutheran Church.

How does the Grace Endowment Fund relate to regular contributions and special appeals at Grace Lutheran Church?

The Grace Endowment Fund is not intended to replace the time, talents and financial support now contributed to the operating or building budget, nor is it intended to de-emhasize the need for any contributions you are  now making. Rather, the Grace Endowment Fund provides another means to enhance the ministry of Grace Lutheran Church.

Many of you may be asking, “What is an Endowment Fund?”

Endowment Fund Brochure  (pdf format)

The Endowment Fund is unlike the general fund, capital appeals or designated giving which fund, respectively, day-to-day operations of Grace Lutheran, brick and mortar, or specific ministries such as camperships, choirs, organs, etc.

Instead, the Endowment Fund is a form of mutual stewardship between you, the donor, and the church. By supporting the Endowment Fund, you act as stewards to and for your congregation. And, by using the income generated by the Endowment Fund to fulfill our mission, Grace Lutheran Church acts as a steward to our members and the community.

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to ensure that Grace Lutheran Church has means for existence and purposeful ministry many, many years into the future. It is forward focused and intended to build upon itself so that it is eventually giving back to the mission of the congregation as much as the fund’s total principal balance. By giving to the Endowment Fund, you make a gift that keeps on giving year after year. Endowment gifts allow you to create a personal legacy that is meaningful to you and the congregation you care about deeply.

We’ve all heard the expression…

“Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

The Endowment Committee is hoping that all of you will include Grace Lutheran church in your will as a way of remembering this wonderful place. Your gift will last for generations to come. We are asking every member to assist in planning for the future of Grace by including Grace in your will, or ask that you intend to do so in the future. This request is strictly voluntary but we hope everyone will respond. You do not have to specify any amounts and all responses will be kept confidential.

Please also remember to contribute whenever you can to the Grace Endowment Fund. Only the earnings are spent, so your donations continue to work for years to come. There are forms in the back of every hymnal. Gifts can be made in memory or in honor of someone, in celebration of an event, or just to the glory of God. Imagine what we can do, not only for Grace, but for the community, as the Endowment Fund grows! But we need everyone to help. Any amount is welcome at any time. Thank you to all who have already given to the fund.

A Charitable Gift is Possible for Everyone!

Letter of Intent for a Future Gift  (pdf format)

Many of you may not see yourselves as someone with the capacity to give a charitable gift to the Endowment Fund, but did you know that a charitable gift can be made as easily as designating Grace Lutheran Church as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy? You do not have to have cash on hand to make a contribution, but of course that is one option. Other vehicles for charitable giving include gifts of stock, annuities, bequests of property or assets at the time of death, gift annuities which provide you with income for the remainder of your lifetime, gifts of property or real estate which you may continue to inhabit until death?

Jim Christianson

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