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GraceAbounds Every Week + Song List 12/17/2014

Some good news for everyone who likes the GraceAbounds band and the music they play. Starting in January, GraceAbounds will be playing for every Wednesday evening service at Grace! Now you can get your fill of the band’s high-energy Christian music along with the traditional Grace message every week.

If you liked the songs GraceAbounds played this week, you can listen to the recordings that influenced their performances online:

This week, GraceAbounds played the following songs:

  • O Come All Ye Faithful,” by Shane and Shane (C. Frederick Oakeley, John Francis Wade)
  • Angels We Have Heard on High,” by Third Day (Edward Shippen Barnes, James Chadwick)
  • A Christmas Hallelujah,” by Cloverton (original words and music by Leonard Cohen, new lyrics by Cloverton)
  • Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee,” by Charlie Hall (Henry Van Dyke, Kurt Kaiser, Ludwig van Beethoven)

The member of GraceAbounds this week were:

  • Jared Rendell, vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Anna Rendell, vocals
  • Megan Johnson, vocals
  • Dave Martin, acoustic guitar, bass
  • Mike Miller, drums, keyboards
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