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Clown Ministry Report from Costa Rica

Flower, Maizy, and Bonehead are back from the orphanage in Hogar Cristiano de Puntarenas orphanage in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. While the other members of the team worked on painting roofs the clowns held a 3 day vacation bible school. Fifty girls attended and were taught about the heroes of the bible including Esther and Joseph. In addition they learned that by trusting in God ordinary people can do extraordinary things and that we all can be superheroes in Gods eye. The last day we had a birthday celebration giving out beanie babies in birthday bags. These girls have their material needs met at the orphanage but need their emotional and spiritual needs fulfilled. The clown ministry with the support of Grace Lutheran Church was able to accomplish this when they were there.



The Clowns are in Costa Rica!

The clown ministry group of Flower, Maizy and Bonehead are now in Costa Rica presenting Vacation Bible School at the Hogar Cristiano de Puntarenas orphanage in Puntarenas. They will be gone for the next 10 days. Please keep them in your prayers.

Clown Ministry Updateclown_ministry

The clown ministry in India has changed. We continue to financially support the team of Dicrose in Chennai with his vacation Bible schools. However, the young children are not at Bless India Orphanage and we therefore are not planning on visiting India this year.

When God closes one door He opens another. The same clown ministry group of Flower, Maizy and Bonehead has now been invited to Costa Rica to present vacation bible school at the Hogar Cristiano de Puntarenas orphanage in Puntarenas. In January, we will be presenting a five-day vacation bible school at this girl’s orphanage housing 80 girls of all ages. In addition, we will present the gospel in clown at two churches including one inner city church in Tres Rios and in the indigenous India village of Kabagra.

We intend to develop this as a recurrent mission ministry like our Indian ministry. I hope you would financially consider supporting this mission as well as our India Vacation Bible School. If you are interested write a check to Grace Lutheran Church with the footnote clown ministry.

Thank you,
Brad Stone, aka Bonehead
November 17, 2016

Bless India Vacation Bible School, 2016bim_2016_1

The Bless India Ministry had another successful season spreading the news of Jesus in India. Dicrose and his team went to 12 different villages and slums in and around Chennai, India to present the Good News in the form of Vacation Bible School. All total 825 children learned of Jesus through songs, puppets, games, crafts and magic tricks. Snacks and small gifts were given to each child. The Vacation Bible Schools were supported by the generous contributions of Grace Lutheran Church.

Update on Bless India Ministrybless_india3

May begins our Vacation Bible School ministry in Chennai. In past years we trained a team to conduct Vacation Bible School in slums and villages there.  Last year Grace Lutheran supported 13 three-day schools. This year the teams have chosen 18 different areas from the 22 applications they received in and around Chennai to present the good news through the VBS. They hope to reach around 2,000 children, many who have never heard of Jesus. Each VBS costs $500—the cost of travel, materials, food, and prizes for the children for the three days. That works out to $9,000 total. They will do as many VBS programs as they have funding for. If you are interested in supporting this worthwhile project, write a check Grace Lutheran Church marked Bless India Ministry. Thank you for your consideration.

—Brad Stone, aka Bonehead

Yes we have changed the name from Bless India Children’s Home to Bless India Ministry. Our ministry in India has evolved from focusing on the children’s home to spreading the Good News by teaching and equipping the local ministers. Last year we taught a team of local ministers how we clowns do Vacation Bible School, and then equipped them to do 13 Vacation Bible Schools in villages and poor areas of Tamil Nadu, India. Grace Lutheran Church was instrumental in supporting this successful effort. Grace also sent much needed financial support to this team during the disastrous floods in December.

Our team is planning on returning to India after the first of the year (2017) to teach and equip more ministry teams, as well as presenting the Good News in schools and churches in the Chennai area. In this way we can spread Jesus’ love to more children in India.

I am also very excited that funds from Grace and other resources have sprouted a new neighborhood church building in Chennai. This is on a roof top and is staffed by Dicrose, our Chennai minister contact. Below are before and after images.







An Update on Bonehead’s Trip to India

A lot of Grace members have been asking about when I am going to India in 2016. Our clown group has decided to take the year off. The reason for this is multifactorial. First, the clowns all have had personal reasons come up that would make this physically challenging trip even more difficult. In addition, there are significant changes at Bless India Children’s Home. While the college-age men and women and the bible students still are at the Children’s Home, the younger children have been moved across town to the King’s Kid’s Orphanage. This move was dictated by the Indian government in response to concerns regarding elephants and the children’s safety.

I am happy to report that the ministry in Chennai has flourished. Pastor Dicrose and helpers completed 13 Vacations Bible School sessions for over 700 children using the magic tricks, skits and curriculum we taught and equipped them with. 0ur hope is to return in 2017 to continue our teaching and equipping Pastor Dicrose’s teams in order to spread the good news of God’s love to the people of India. We hope to return to the churches, schools and AIDS home to entertain while teaching about Jesus.

I would like to thank the members of Grace for their continued interest and support of this mission. Please continue to keep Bless India Children’s Home in your prayers.

The people of Chennai thank you!

We at Grace Church sent $2492 this week (December 13, 2015) to Chennai India for food and other relief measures in response to the terrible flooding that occurred. I am so proud to be a member of this charitable church! “Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Grace Lutheran Church Chennai relief funds are now with Dicrose and his ministry team. They served food for 1500 people. The next step is providing materials to the people in church by church. We are providing rice, dhal, cooking oil, biscuits, mats, buckets, cooking vessels, bed sheets, and towels.bless_india1

Brad Stone