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FLAT Out Amazing Lefse Sale!

Lefse Sale 2017

Our lefse sale was a great success again this year!  Helen Johnson coordinated the Project with full time help of Martha Hiltner and Diane Lind.   We started on October 28 and ended on November 4, the day of the sale.  We made 633 packages and sold about 105 single ones to eat on site.  Once again, we had a great turnout of helpers to get this job done.  Many thanks to all for your hard work!


Hannah Swanson, Nancy Hemmah, Mike Bergh, Olivia Swanson, Julie Swanson, Carolyn Olson, Linda Burman, Nancy Miller, Nicholas Parsons, Jane Allen, Judy Larson, LeRoy Larson, Kathleen McJunkin, Bonnie Pooley, Brian Loe. Hannah Swanson, Steve Boehlke, Allen Bosch, Beth Levang, Kristin Bosch, Jen Heilman, Diane Lind, Amanda Schillinger, Jeanne Sandbo, Adam Heilman, Audrey Levang, Debra Johnson, Vanessa Utell, Janet Nelson, Mary Eikeness, Ginny Bendickson, Tom Thorstenson, Linda Thorstenson, Laurie Scherf, Chuck Miller, Dylan Levang, Kraig Levang, Karen Anderson, Chuck Swanson, Linda Lichty, Donna Wobeck, Paula Albright, Pam Halvorson, Jody Halvorson, Sharon Engelland, Randy Engelland, Janet Nelson, Marcia Carroll, Christina Wetenkamp , Jenna Wetenkamp, Eric Rasmus, Wayne Daugherty, Judy Dehnel, Dick Dehnel, Joni Baldwin, Leila Korkowski, Elizabeth, Dean Davis, Luke Korkowski, Steph Korkowski, Jim Turgeon, Dolly Soule, Sandra Scherb, Laurie Randall, Mandy Beech, Bruce Iverson, Rebecca Iverson, Taylor Iverson, Madelyn Iverson, Nancie Brenden, Emma Bendickson

Equipment Donors

We also had equipment donated for us to use for the week of lefse making.  Those who donated are:

Vicki Christianson, Laurie Meyer, Martha Hiltner, Helen Johnson, and Craig Johnson


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